Ministry Of Health of Slovak Republic - Biobank Expert Meeting

July 13, 2017


Biomedical specialists met at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic to discuss the aspects for establishment, utilization and sustainability of biobanks in Slovakia. The international biobanking expert, Dr. Peter Amersdorfer, participated at this meeting in Bratislava.


Biobanking is a pre-requisite for high-quality biomedical research and development. Specialists have agreed that bioproduction, which represents a sophisticated, highly-organized system of long-term storage of biological material with relevant clinical-pathological, epidemiological and biomolecular information, represents the basis for high-quality biomedical research and development including discovery of biomarkers and novel target molecules.


"Research and Innovation in Biomedicine" is one of the 26 projects implemented by the Ministry of Health for better health and the development of this program is also part of the government's overall program strategy. To this end, the Ministry of Health prepares projects, including the establishment and operation of biobanking infrastructure, which will promote the link between basic and applied research and clinical practice in Slovakia. "We will focus on early diagnosis and personalized therapy for the most common chronic diseases in Slovakia, such as oncological, cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic diseases. This will not only reduce the number of avoidable deaths, but also to increase the level of health care and to significantly improve the health status of the Slovak population, "explains Dr. Ivica Kvietikova, Director of the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.


FFG - Research Studios Austria

May 1, 2017


Inhibition of lipolysis represents a novel and innovative strategy for the treatment of metabolic diseases. The Diabetes and Obesity Research Application Cooperative is developing first-in-class therapies targeting Adipose Triglyceride Lipase (ATGL).

The pre-clinical staged program is performed by the University of Graz (Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Rudolf Zechner, Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Robert Zimmermann), the Technical University of Graz (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rolf Breinbauer) and funded by FFG Austrian Research Foundation Agency (1.2 Mio Euro).


Dr. Peter Amersdorfer supports the 4-year program as project coordinator.


For further details: Metabolic Disorders - Research Studios Austria (RSA)

DiagnoNET at international Life Science Conference in Italy

October 15, 2016


DiagnoNET, a specialist for personalized medicines consulting, is participating at the 3rd edition of Meet In Italy for Life Sciences. This international event is designed to boost business, partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences sector with particular focus on medical devices, pharma and IT applications for health. The congress will take place October 26th -28th, at the Salone delle Fontane in Rome, Italy.


DiagnoNET ( is an entrepreneur-consulting firm founded by Dr. Peter Amersdorfer. The company is providing expert transaction advice and execution on molecular diagnostics to the life science industry and public health care sectors. The unique portfolio of know-how and services range from biomarker discovery, clinical utility analysis to strategic valuation and marketing with the aim to significantly improve patient management and health care economics.

New Chief BusiNess development Officer at lacerta technologies GmbH


January 1, 2014


Peter Amersdorfer strengthens the executive management team of Lacerta Technologies GmbH to support the commercialization efforts of serum based regenerative products (albumin-coated bone allografts and point-of care device, which can isolate a growth factor-rich serum fraction from the patient's own blood).

DiagnoNET awarded co-authorship in The journal "The Prostate"

     August 31, 2011


DiagnoNET, a specialist for personalized medicines, has been awarded co-authorship in the peer-reviewed journal The Prostate with the publication entitled “Serum-Autoantibodies for Discovery of Prostate Cancer Specific Biomarkers”.


The collaboration involved the work of scientists at Protagen AG and the Department of Urology at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, providing evidence that autoantibodies in sera of prostate cancer patients can be used for the development of novel blood based in-vitro diagnostics. “Our expertise in sourcing of high quality bio-specimens and clinical utility analysis of emerging biomarker panels complements the state of the art R&D programs of life science companies,“ states Dr. Peter Amersdorfer and adds: “The cooperation strengthens our position in supporting biomarker programs of unmet medical need.”


For further details: Serum-Autoantibodies for Discovery of Prostate Cancer Specific Biomarkers




Science Park Graz

 July 9, 2010


DiagnoNET and Science Park Graz announced today the appointment of Peter Amersdorfer as Business Advisor. Peter will provide industry advice and expertise to Science Park located diagnostic start-up company InFact, specializing in the field of wound infection caused by microbes.


“Particular elderly patients suffering of chronic wounds will benefit from such early molecular diagnostic tests,”commented Dr. Eva Wehrschütz- Sigl, founder and member of InFact.


Peter added, “After having met with the Science Park Graz Management Team, I am pleased to support this outstanding organization bridging innovative business ideas and new projects to successful start-up companies in Styria, Austria. InFact is developing a promising approach to bring true innovation in wound care management and better products in personalized medicine.”


For further details: Science Park Graz